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Donaher wants common sense, responsible gun legislation

Wants legislators to have real debate on weapon violence

Hanover Township, PA (February 20) – Dean M. Donaher of Hanover Township, Northampton County, candidate for State Representative in the 138th Legislative District, is demanding that legislators in Harrisburg start to have a serious debate on weapon violence in our schools and local communities.

“As a retired public school educator I have participated in active shooter training and school wide active shooter drills. I also own a gun, handed down to me by my father, so I unequivocally understand the cultural components of this issue. However, it is high time we pass legislation in states across America about weapons designed to cause mass destruction, carnage and casualties in our communities,” said Donaher. “How many more children and educators have to die before we begin a real debate in America,” Donaher asked.

Donaher said, “We need to enact common sense, responsible legislation that universally addresses background checks and military grade assault weapons.” After the tragedy that struck Parkland, FL, Donaher also believes more mental health support is needed for children and adults in all of our communities. “This is a multi-layered issue, and there’s no easy fix. However, the status quo ‘do nothing policy’ from many of our state legislators in Harrisburg needs to change. We need to act,” said Donaher.

Pennsylvania resident and gun owner, Jeff Miller, recently reached out to Donaher via email saying, “Do something to protect our children! I am a firearms owner…but real legislative work should finally be done. Enough is enough. It’s time to demand that Congress, state legislators and localities at least start a discussion. Anything is better than what we’ve got going on now.”

“Let’s work together and come to a viable agreement on how we can best protect our children and the many innocent lives lost yearly from weapons designed to cause mass casualties. The people of Pennsylvania want action,” Donaher said.

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