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Donaher opposes sludge plant in the Slate Belt

Hanover Township, PA (August 14)– Dean M. Donaher of Hanover Township, Northampton County, candidate for State Representative in the 138thLegislative District, has come out against the proposed sewage processing plant to be developed in Plainfield Township by Synagro Technologies Inc.

“If this sludge plant is developed, it’s going to adversely affect the Slate Belt’s natural environment, plain and simple,” Donaher said. “State leaders should be rising up against this facility, which unfortunately hasn’t happened. We need leaders who will fight for their local communities and natural environment every step of the way, which is why I wholeheartedly oppose the development of this plant” said Donaher.

For years, Synagro Technologies has been attempting to obtain the necessary permitting to develop this plant. Just this year, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection found Synagro irresponsibly violated state rules by dumping sludge over a farmer’s field. There is also great concern that this plan will have a negative impact on high-quality streams.

“I’ve spoken with too many Plainfield Township residents on their front porches about how this plant will alter the natural environment in such a beautiful area in Northampton County. We shouldn’t gamble away our natural environment just so corporate profits dramatically increase for these large companies. Let’s do the right thing and opposed this unnecessary sludge plant,” Donaher said.

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